Business Loans

Credit is critical to small business, it is the fuel that keeps our business going every day. Having access to funding through small-business lending is often be critical to your success as a business owner, whether you’re funding payroll, stocking your shelves or expanding your footprint.

Traditional banks and banking relationships don’t have to be the only answer and are no longer the only sources of business financing. Naperville Pawn welcomes the opportunity to build a partnership with your business providing you with the credit facility that you need, as-needed and just-in-time.

Our collateralized lending model allows same-day access to funding, without a lengthy application processes, without intrusive credit checks, and without a punk-ass Banker in a cheap suit half your age judging you. Using a 600 year-old model, developed by the Medici banking family, a simple pledge of your business assets provides security and access to the funding you need, right now. Of course, we recommend you compare multiple financing products to find the one that best fits your financing needs, but when your need is immediate and your privacy critical, our solution is available 7 days a week.

Naperville Jewelry & Loan offers on the spot cash for most items of value. All loans require collateral, which can be just about anything. Your items will be quickly evaluated by our friendly, expert staff while you wait. Certain art and antiquities may require additional time to appraise. We accept gold, silver, platinum, diamond jewelry, brand name watches, as well as estate and signed pieces. We will also allow customers to be creative when bringing things in. If we can determine its’ value, then we can give you cash.

Please feel free to contact us about anything you may have in the way of collateral. No loan is too small or too large, and most items can be appraised on the spot.